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who we are

We have so much equipment in the studio we haven't got round to listing it all as yet but bear with us! However, please check out the kit list from our other Studio below - each piece of kit is available at either location on request, just let us know!

Our studios are based around the latest professional digital technologies. At the core of the studio are the following components
- Protools 9 rig with icon console - Roland VM-7200 48 channel fully automated digital mixer
- Carillon Audio PC, Dual Monitor fully loaded with 24GB RAM

This set up allows us to produce professional mixes using the finest sound quality (up to 64 tracks of 24 bit audio, 96kHz sampling). To facilitate accurate mixes, monitoring is acrhieved through Mackie 624 active speakers, mounted on Auralex sound isolation pads for optimum performance.


- Protools 9
- Cubase 7
- Reason 6
- Ableton Live
- Kontakt
- Wavelab


- Korg Triton Pro 88 key workstation
- Roland JV-2080
- Abysnth
- NI Massive
- NI Trilian Bass Module
- East West PLAY synth pack (world class tools and samples as heard in all your favourite Hollywood movies!)
- Sylenth (trance & pop synth par excellence!)

- Native Instruments Kontakt 2
- Roland VP-9000 Variphrase Processor
- Our sample library is currently running at 26,000 individual samples!


- TC Electronic Finalizer Express
- Focusrite Voicemaster platinum
- Roland VS-880
- JV-2080
- MOTU 8pre
- Focusrite 18i20
- Novation Launchpad
- Behringer Ultragraph Pro Graphic Equalizer


- Neumann U87 (available on request!)
- AKG Solidtube valve large diaphragm condenser microphone
- SE Electronics USB2200a condenser microphone
- AKG CS1000 ( X 2)
- AKG D112
- Shure SM57 (X 4)
- Shure SM58 (X 3)
- AKG drum kit mics (X 5)


We use literally 100s of plug ins, including
- SSL G Channel
- SSL 4000 Series
- Izotope Alloy 2
- Izotope Ozone 5 Mastering Suite
- Universal Audio 1176 Limiting Amp
- Universal Audio CS-1 Channel Strip
- Universal Audio Dreamverb
- Universal Audio Fairchild 670
- Universal Audio Nigel Guitar FX
- Universal Audio Realverb Pro
- Waves L3 Ultramaximizer
- Waves Doppler
- Waves Desser
- Antares Autotuner


We have a range of musical instruments available including
- Roland TD-12 V-Drum kit
- Mapex Pro M Drum kit
- Gibson Les Paul
- Epiphone Les Paul (Left Handed)
- Fender Acoustic Guitar (Left Handed)
- Roland VG-88 V-Guitar Modelling Processor
- Marshall JCM 2000 Guitar Amp
- Peavey Sheffield Guitar Amp
- range of Marshall / Fender Amps available on request


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