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who we are


We offer a range of services as described below

Record Production

Our approach to recording depends on the individual requirements of each project. Typically, we prefer to record acoustic elements of each track at a location familiar to the artist (e.g. their regular rehearsal studio, or even their home!). We find that this approach has a number of benefits - an artist will usually be at their best when performing in a familiar environment, and means the minimum inconvenience to them. In addition this approach keeps the cost of studio time down, keeping the fees we charge to a minimum! We then overdub, mix and master at our residential studio in York.

We are in touch with a diverse set of session musicians in both Yorkshire and London who can add a professional touch to a track.

Make your own Music Experience!

Do you know someone who enjoys singing? Or someone who would like to learn about Music Production or DJing? We offer a range of gift packages for people that would like to pursue a career in the music industry.

Growing in popularity, our service here is simple - book as many or as few hours as possible, and use them whenever suits you (no need to use them all at the same time!). We have delivered music in a wide variety of styles, everything from Metal to Classical, Indie to Hip Hop and we love to help people realise their musical ambitions. Get in touch to find out more!

Gift Experiences - Hen & Stag Dos!

Fancy a recording studio experience - we cater for a vareity of gift experiences, everything from the hen / stag do experience of recording your choice of classic track (don't worry - we have autotuners!!) to one on one sessions creating tracks from scratch in a wide variety of styles (everything from classical to hip hop!). We have a relaxed, friendly approach and pride ourselves on the end product.

In addition, we work closely with a number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in York, so for a complete experience we offer a recording package during the day, followed by free VIP entrance into your choice of club where you will hear your track played over the sound system!

Voiceover services

We have a range of acting talent available at short notice to record voiceover projects in a wide variety of styles. In the past year we have completed a range of prestigious projects for tourist attractions, language schools, tv / radio programme editing and adverts. We can provide a full solution including backing music and sound effects. If you wish to know more about this area including some direct references and samples of our work in this area, just get in touch

Sountrack Services

With a proven track record in this field, we have delivered Music to a number of corporate, media and production companies throughout the UK and Europe. Able to deliver quality music to suit all budgets, timescales and styles, and able to deliver time-sync'd soundtracks (i.e. sync'd to picture), we would be very interested to hear from you!


Lets be honest, theres a million and one dodgy 'music technology' courses our there today. But are they actually any good? John, the owner of Precentor, is a graduate of the highest academic qualification available in the UK for Sound Engineering - the prestigious Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems from the University of York (1st Class Honours). All our Engineers are qualified to at least BEng level. We don't want to sound arrogant, but quite simply this means we're clued up when it comes to the academic side of Sound Engineering.

We operate bespoke, one on one tuition sessions totally suited to you. This can cover whatever topics you want - perhaps you want a better understanding of the technical aspects of the subject, or simply want to brush up on your practical skills. We teach in either studio or can come to you subject to availability. We've a long list of very satisfied young engineers out there who have made a good start to their careers with us - Get in touch to discuss some options!


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